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Culinary chef cooker will prepare Georgian appetizing supper, he will share his secrets and he will involve you into preparation process. Dinner will cost you the same price as in a restaurant, but it will be in a comfortable home environment.

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Guests can order an individual transport.

Tour in the city of Telavi and in its surroundings.
One of the most beautiful atmosphere in the world is waiting for you. Telavi is one of the largest settlements in the region. The city is famous as the place where the wine is produced with an amazing flavor. The city Telavi is surrounded by the majestic cities and slopes of the small rivers. You will visit the Cathedral Church – Alaverdi, which was built at the beginning of the ninth century, is still preserved an amazing mural paintings. The monastery Nekresi is located in the valley of ALAZANI River, the church was builtat the end of fourth century. Also you will visit the monastery complex of Shuamta, you will find an unique park Tsinandali, where is located an ancient palace in the picturesque garden, which belonged to the famous Georgian
poet Alexander Chavchavadze.


Guests can enjoy a small waterfall, which flows from the stony cliff and turns into a voice stream. Visitors can even open a ,, pitcher’’ – the Georgian national vessel, where are stored an aromatic wine and enjoy its taste and flavor, also they can look after baking of a traditional Georgian bread – Shoti in Tone. You can see how it is made Georgian cha cha and also, guests can order a barbecue, which is roasted on the grapevine, tourists can prepare themselves churchkhela – the Georgian national sweets.

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You can arrange a big table in the open air with soft drinks. On the hotel territory are located the bar and the restaurant of national Georgian-style. On the second and third floors are located apartments, from where you can see a wonderful view of the majestic mountains and the valley ALAZANI. The atmosphere is quiet and cozy. The hotel has 10 comfortable rooms and three of them are half lux. Seven of them have 20 square meters. While the remaining three hulf luxes with 30 square meters; Balcony – 7 square meters area. The rooms are heated. Here is constant hot and cold running water. At guests’ disposal are bedrooms with comfortable beds. Here is a plasma TV, a chest of drawers, a table and chairs, the hanger. In the bathroom is a sink and a spacious shower cubicle.

Qvevri wine tasting: Tasting directly from Georgian “Qvevri” (the large earthenware vessel)

Baking Tonis Puri: Baking Georgian bread in old Georgian bakery oven called “Tone” (Tander)

Chacha distillation: Take a part in the traditional Georgian vodka distillation process

Churchxela dipping: Traditional dipping-in the sausage-shaped candies called “Churchxela” and

Georgian Shashlik barbecue: last but not least – enjoy the amazing “Mtsvadi” (Georgian Shashlik) grilling process on a grill called a Mangal (Barbecue).

Resort Device

1. The resting zone is in the garden.

2. Wi-Fi is in the apartments and in the common territories.

3. Free private parking.

4. Transport services (additional fee).

5. Tourist information.

6. Baby sitting service (additional fee)

7. Baby beds and baby carriage (additional fee).

8. Childs toys.

Tour in Kakheti

Excursions will be organized by the guide to all major landmarks.

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